Craft Lodge Profiles

Minster Lodge No. 8702

Minster Lodge Badge Cleaned.pngMinster Lodge was created in 1976 as part of the world wide community of Freemasons with the Founders wanting a modern lodge with modern ideas and while some lodges have their long histories and timeless peculiarities Minster Lodge has kept it’s modern outlook and goes from strength to strength.

While some Lodges concentrate on specific interests, for instance there are Motor Cycle Lodges, Fishing Lodges, Musical Lodges etc. Minster Lodge prides itself on having members from across the board, if you want to talk fishing – great we have keen fishermen, motor cycling – great we have motor cyclists, cycling – great we have cyclists, we have car enthusiasts, we have clay pigeon shooters and whilst we take our Masonic duties very seriously, we take enjoying ourselves seriously too.

We normally meet at 6.15pm on the 3rd Thursday of September, November, January , February , March and May at the Lincoln Masonic Centre on Nettleham Road leaving the Summer and weekends free to enjoy whatever pastimes we want to. We also have very enjoyable BBQ’s, Ladies Nights and Christmas Socials where not only members but family and friends are also welcome.

As a modern forward thinking Lodge, Minster Lodge utilises social media to maintain links with its members ensuring everyone is involved and engaged. This allows all members to feel they are an integral part of our fraternity irrespective of length of membership.

For more information contact
W.Bro Graham Cadel
Minster Lodge Membership Officer
Tel 07715 328350

Lindum Lodge No. 5777

Lindum 5777 Badge.png

Lindum Lodge, which was consecrated in February 1939, draws its members from a wide cross-section of society and age range. Lodge members have a variety of occupations and interests, ranging from the traditional professional occupations, Armed Forces & Emergency Services (serving & retired), employed, self-employed and some students. This varied membership truly makes for a happy and interesting lodge.

Over 80 years, Lindum Lodge has gained the enviable reputation of being a ‘happy and welcoming Lodge’, where sharing the company and friendship of like minded members of society is second only to that of improving the lives of the less fortunate in society, whilst having fun!

Our meetings are held in the early evening (usually starting at 6.15pm) on the second Tuesday of the months of January, February, March, April. October, November and December, at the Lincoln Masonic Centre, 116 Nettleham Road in Lincoln. A typical meeting usually lasts about 2 hours and is followed by a meal (or Festive Board as it is referred to) where members can enjoy each others company in a relaxed, semi-formal atmosphere.

At Lindum Lodge we also understand the importance of balancing Freemasonry with family life, therefore we hold a number of social events throughout the year, at which members’ families and friends are positively encouraged to attend. These range from our Ladies Night which is a formal black-tie event held in November, BBQ’s, Quiz nights, Xmas meals, Jazz nights, Wii Bowling etc., - again with the emphasis on having fun.

For more information contact:
W.Bro. Martin Huckle
Lindum Lodge Membership Officer
Tel: 07910 353192

Ashlar Lodge No. 5219

Ashlar Lodge Badge.jpgAshlar Lodge Warrant dated 6th February 1930 and was consecrated on the 26th February 1931.

The seal of the Ashlar Lodge shows a stonemason working on a "Rough Ashlar" or stone that has been squared but has a rough surface which has not yet been polished.

The Ashlar Lodge was consecrated by the Earl of Yarborough who was the Provincial Grand Master for Lincolnshire at the time. Since its conception six of its members have been Sheriffs of the City of Lincoln and we have had one active Member of Parliament.

The Ashlar Lodge continues to flourish today and more and more younger people are joining this is due to the active social calendar that the Lodge has and the enjoyable Lodge meetings combined with a happy festive board (the meal after the Lodge meeting). Many of the visitors coming from other lodges return as they find Ashlar Lodge so friendly.

The social activities to which family and friends are invited include trips to Grand Lodge, garden parties, barbeques, dining nights including hotel-restaurant meals and curry nights, rugby trips, visits such as Lincoln Cathedral Tours and of course our yearly Ladies Night which is always well attended.

Ashlar Lodge meets 8 times a year on the 4th Thursday of the month September to November and January to May inclusive.

The Lodge is committed to supporting the Province of Lincolnshire and Grand Lodge of England in moving forward with Freemasonry in the 21st century.

For more information contact
W.Bro Richard Woodall
Ashlar Lodge Membership Officer
Tel 07964091095

Paulinus Lodge No. 3957

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Excalibur Lodge No. 2959

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Ermine Lodge No. 2351

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St. Hugh Lodge No. 1386

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Witham Lodge No. 297

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